Sunday, May 25, 2014

Got to be active

I didn't tell you that I tried my first spin class ever

To say that it was good would be an understatement of the year...

I loved it!!!

It really happened by accident. I went in to do my usual Body Pump class, which you all know I love. However, the nice reception lady told me that the class was cancelled and if I wanted to I could try out spinning...

Seriously, I was not ready for the amount of endorphines and pure happiness that followed! :)

I was smiling going back home, I was smiling taking the shower. And I was smiling running some errands long after!

You have to try it out!!!

Yes, it's not easy. And hell yes, you sweat like it's the end of the world... But the cardio is great, the up beat music is giving you the energy, and at the end of the work out, you feel like you're the greatest! Which, of course, you are!




  1. tak z ciekawosci, ile w Bxl kosztuje karnet na spinning?
    ps. ja wlasnie rzucilam bieganie, definitely not for me :)

    1. hej,wiesz,ja chodze na silownie,wiec classes sa wliczone w cene. u mnie,za miesiac to koszt 24euro.i mozesz wted chodzic na wszystkie inne zajecia,plus maszyny