Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Winter spring or something

Recently, I have been MIA

I can't lie, my priorities have slightly changed and for the time being I can't spend as much time writing as I would want to.

It doesn't mean that this blog is going to stay empty for long.

Definitely not

Like I said, it's just temporary and I will be back

In the meantime, I would like to share some pics with you. My life lately.

I like those kind posts on other people's blogs, so hope you'll enjoy my little post as well

I started running once a week. Sometimes you get to see gorgeous views like that
Just about to head out to friend's bachelorette's party
Just a regular sunny day on Avenue Louise
Quick trip to Gdansk, here in Sopot
The view... I know...
Wedding menu
My favorite Barcelona lunch spot, bar el Lobo
Best spot if you want to sin;) sweet, sweeter, the sweetest! They even have kronuts
I mean, who can say no to this... Delicious, all fresh smoothies
My baby's beach house area
Waiting ... Smetimes. I feel like my life is constant waiting... Well, at least I'm wearing comfy shoes and red nail polish ;)

Talk to you soon




  1. Tez zaczelam biegac, ale nie wiem, jak to sie skonczy, nigdy tego nie lubilam :) Robie plan 6-cio tygodniowy. Kupilam tez pilke do cwiczen, tak mnie na sport wzielo ;)

    1. Ej, no to powodzenia!!! Niech sie dzieje i wydarza:) a pilke gdzie kupilas??

  2. Pożarło mi komentarz! Chciałam tylko napisać że nieźle sobie podróżujesz i nóżki jak u sarenki ;)

    1. Hej kochana, jak to pozarlo lol
      Taki glodny moj blog,ze zjada komentarze?hehe
      No niezle, ale troche juz dosc, bo ile mozna. Wiec dla odmiany teraz jestem chora, o, to sobie odpoczne przynajmniej. Sarenka chce spac;)