Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Marriage, it's been almost two months now;)

I am back from my latin american voyage;)

I am going to write about all that in a separate post.

But i think now it's finally the time to tell you about the past few months and my marriage experience.

How does it feel? Did anything change? Do I feel any different?


Well, for one, I do feel super happy we are officially Mr and Mrs

I do feel amazingly warm in my heart whenever Mr Spaniard introduces me as his wife. And don't get me wrong, I do know it's just a title. However, I love it nonetheless.

Apart from that, we've been living our same old brussels life haha

So this didn't change.


Why do it? some of you might wonder...


This is, my friend, something you and your partner know. Only.

If you feel ready, both of you, id say dive in. It's an adventure and I am happy I'm currently living it.

Just like with all things in life, you need to know that 'right now perfect' doesn't mean 'perfect for life'. In order to do so, you need to make an effort. Constantly. And learn the Art of compromise... I know that all too well too;)

All I'm trying to say is that marriage, even though perfectly in agreement with me, might not be for everyone. Just like being vegetarian is not for everyone either... Or being a dentist!!!


So if You love a person, enjoy them every single day. Tell them. Appreciate them.

You don't need to marry them immediately, but if the right moment comes, don't let them go!!! Love is so amazing! Don't let it pass you by!!!!


(Obviously) still very much in love,

Yours truly,

(Happily Married)


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  1. w takim razie gratulacje :) i żeby to szczęście trwało jak najdłużej :)

  2. Congrats on your wedding, I have been married for 3 years now and I have been loving married life. Makes me feel secure!!


  3. lovely post :)


  4. I’m glad to read you again. Thanks for this post. Best for you Buddy! and Merry Christmas