Friday, December 27, 2013

Gluten, cheese cake and back home

I got to spend my first married Christmas back home in Poland this year.

I don't need to tell you how great it feels to be home, eat the best food in the world and talk to the people you know and love. And knew and loved since you can remember.

This year, was no exception, and the Christmas time was truly special

Christmas tree, the first shot

However, now, we are back in Brussels, heavier than ever and looking for ways to make ourselves feel better.


Lighter at least...


It got me thinking and wondering, what do we do wrong... How come every time we come back from Poland we feel heavy and sluggish.

In my google research, I found the source- wheat and, more precisely, gluten...

I had suspected for a while that it can be the major culprit but having read some articles, I am prety certain that's the main reason. The source of all evil, you might say.

Oh, and i will be buying the book the Wheat Belly by W. Davis in no time, too. Check out the online reviews and you'll be sold too



  1. Ha! Czytam i łączę fakty. W momencie kiedy zaczęliśmy piec w domu więcej chleba, bułek czy pizzy zauważyłam że pobolewa mnie brzuch. O. stwierdził że może to przez gluten ale oczywiście zaprzeczyłam. A teraz czytam Twoje i myślę że może ma rację :) Alergii nie mam ale wg. przysłowia co za dużo to nie zdrowo mogłoby się zgadzać ;)

    p.s. posta Ci piszę ;)

  2. N widzisz, to bardzo mozliwe,ze masz nietolerancje na glutne alergia alergia,ale nietolerancja tzn. Ze organizm strawi, ale bedzie sie z tym meczyl
    Czekam na posta wobec tego!!!!

  3. happy new year! sounds like your trip home was lovely and heart-warming!

    1. Yeah, it really was
      Happy new year right back at ya:)