Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So I got it and so what.

I have a tattoo

Hell, I even have two!!!

Does it make me a better person? Someone special, or different?

Or perhaps, it makes me common, just like all the others... After all,who doesn't have a tattoo these days...


I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old and just left my hometown for the university. I wanted to have one done for a long time & went to the best tattoo artist I could find. There was even a boyfriend coming with me to have one done as well...not that it matters. Boyfriend was a mistake but my tattoo was super cute.

Then, after a few years, I met my now husband, and decided to have another tattoo done with him, as well. I guess I wanted him to be a part of this big deal, which at that time was another tattoo making day. I got mine, He didn't;)

Why am I talking about tattoos? Well, because you might be interested to know that in Brussels we have a nice little get together happening really soon. It's a delight to all those who like tattoos and cars.

Check out the youtube video & I might see you there



  1. Wyślij zdjęcie :) ja się szykuję na tatoo w next year :D i doczekać się już nie mogę!

    1. Zdjecia jako takiego nie mam, ale postaram sie cos wyczaic.a ty planujesz juz na pewno.no i gdzie?wiesz juz co??czy jestes gotowa na sugestie tatuazysty

  2. Kto w dzisiejszych czasach nie ma? A no ja:) Jestem za bardzo roztrzepana żeby dać sobie zrobić pieczątkę z czymś tam na lata. O co to, to nie! :))

    1. Ja w sumie nie zaluje,ale tylko dlatego,ze oba sa na plecach.wiec nie widze ich. Sa praktycznie niewidoczne.ale gdyby moje dziecko chcialo sobie cos zrobic to chyba bym protestowala...;)